Obsession Confesson

...The Avett Brothers

Hey friends. I figured “one of these days” I’d get around to blogging consistently. So, “one of these days” has finally arrived, and that day is TODAY. These posts will simply be my random thoughts, and the current plan is to post every Friday. So, let’s get this train rolling in hopes that it doesn’t fall off the tracks.

One thing you’ll learn about me as we go along on this blogging journey is that I love music. I don’t play any instruments, except for playing the piano a little, but I can play my radio like nobody’s business. And… while I can barely carry a tune, I turn into a rock star in my car…. singing loud and proud.

Since we’re talking music, I have an obsession confession. I am slightly obsessed with The Avett Brothers – an American folk band from North Carolina. I don’t stalk them or anything weird like that…. unless you count stalking them on YouTube. I’m frequently checking to see if they’ve posted any new videos so I can get my jam on. Turns out one of their latest videos is Ain’t No Man which happens to be a Grammy nominated song from their Grammy nominated album – True Sadness. Great album! Be sure to give it a listen.

Well… there you have it. My first “official” blog post.  

Make today count, and love to all!