End It!

...human trafficking

Yesterday was “Shine a Light on Slavery” day, but we can continue to spread awareness about human trafficking throughout the year. Human trafficking is sadly more and more prevalent around the world, and the United States is certainly not immune. According to statistics I’ve recently read, trafficking is believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, and 1 in 5 of the enslaved are children. The human slavery epidemic includes forced labor, domestic servitude and commercial sex trafficking. There are no demographic restrictions and the slaves are often starved, beaten and forced to work as prostitutes. People are being used as modern-day slaves and it needs to stop. It must end!

The #enditmovement is a coalition that’s joining forces with many partners who work to create awareness, teach prevention, help rescue and offer restoration to its victims. For more information on how you can help – visit www.enditmovement.com or www.a21.org. Make a donation, put your boots on the ground, volunteer or spread awareness. Just do something to help end it!