The Bio

Kristy Ensor is an aspiring novelist who lives with her husband and son near Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from Carson-Newman University with a BA degree in Communications and later took courses in Special Education. For many years, she worked in the special education field assisting students with autism and other learning differences. Kristy still enjoys working with children and continues to advocate for those with special needs & mental illness. She’s a proud supporter of Autism Speaks and is a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

The Nitty-Gritty

I’m a fiction writer, wife, mom and lifelong southerner who can say “Hey ya’ll” and drink sweet tea with the best! As an avid music lover, I’m lucky enough to live near Nashville – Music City. I sometimes dust off the old piano keys to play a few songs, but when it comes to singing – I can’t seem to carry a tune in a bucket. Yet, I turn into a rock star when I’m alone in my car.

I’ve been stringing sentences together since I was a 4th grader writing stories using my weekly spelling words. I’m currently working on a number of manuscripts and look forward to sharing my books with you in the future.

Aside from writing, I enjoy movies, reading, drinking a good cup of coffee, spending time with family & friends and hobby photography. I’m somewhat of a germaphobe and probably should’ve bought stock in hand sanitizer. If I had to pick between the mountains or the beach it would be a tough decision since I love both, but deep down I’m more of a beach girl. I’ll never grow tired of going barefoot and dipping my toes in the sand. I still get excited to see a rainbow peek out on a cloudy day, and like a kid – I occasionally catch fireflies (or lightning bugs as we call them in the south). No worries… I always set them free.

I also volunteer at an alcohol and drug rehab called – Place of Hope.  HOPE.  What would we do in life without it? Personally my hope is in God.  My faith is important to me.

That’s s a basic rundown of my life. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your support and interest in my work!

Kindly, Kristy

My Favorites

band – a tie between Needtobreathe, a rock band from South Carolina and The Avett Brothers, an American folk rock band from North Carolina

book – To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

movie – Good Will Hunting

tv show – huge Gilmore Girls fan (even though the series has ended)

color – green… particularly chartreuse

food – fresh veggies from the garden

dessert – homemade banana pudding

drink – sweet tea (Well, what else did you expect from a southern girl?)

personal motto – Live Big, Love Bigger

quote – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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